Training FAQ

Course Details

  • What is covered in this training?
  • Who can attend the training?
  • What are the prerequisites?
  • What is the training duration?
  • What is the training fee?

Please submit an enquiry on our website and we will send a detailed brochure with all the above details

Training Details

  • What are the timings?
    Our normal timings are from 10 am to 6 pm
  • When is your next training scheduled?
    As per the training calendar published on our website - We also organize special batches based on group registrations
  • Is the training conducted on week days or weekends?
    On weekends to help working professionals attend training to accommodate their work schedule. We conduct special batches on week days specifically for participants travelling from other locations
  • Where will it be conducted?
    We have our own training facility. If the number of registrations exceeds a particular number we move to a larger conference room in one of the star hotels. We also conduct in-house training for corporate customers
  • Can I get a discount?
    Yes, discounts are available for early bird registration, group registration and multiple course registration. Call us for more details
  • How do I register for the training?
    Fill up and submit our online registration form. We will send our proforma invoice to you before end of day. Payment is required to confirm participation
  • When should I register for the training?
    Minimum 7 days prior to the date of commencement to ensure participation
  • What are the payment options available?
    Payment can be made by Cheque / Demand Draft / Bank Transfer / Credit Card / Cash as per our invoice details
  • Will you help me get a visa?
    We have a number of people travelling from US, UK, Middle East, South Africa, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Jamaica, Nigeria, Philippines, Indonesia and Sri Lanka to participate in our training workshops -Most people who travel from abroad usually come on a tourist visa without requiring any help from our end.
  • Will you give me a letter of invitation to present to the authorities for visa purposes?
    On receiving the completed registration form along with the payment, we will send you a formal invoice along with a covering letter giving the complete training itinerary to help you make the necessary travel arrangements
  • Will you help with the airport transfers?
    For airport transfers, the most economical option would be to pick up a metered taxi from the airport to your hotel or our office. Alternately, we can arrange for the hotel to send you the cab, if required, with your mobile number given to the driver. All costs need to be borne directly by you
  • Will you help with the accommodation?
    Usually we accommodate outstation participants in a hotel close to our training facility where we have a corporate tie-up. They provide you with an executive air-conditioned room with complimentary breakfast and free wireless internet access. All costs need to be borne directly by you
  • Do you give placement guarantee?
    Training or certification alone cannot guarantee a job. All these certifications enhance your prospects in a highly competitive job market - We do not offer "100% placement guarantee" or "100% placement assurance". However, we do get regular resource requirements from our corporate customers
  • What assurance do you give about your training?
    We guarantee quality of training with proper lab setup, certified and well experienced faculty with direct industry exposure. Participating in any training program is an investment you make on yourself. It is important to exercise the right option in choosing your training provider. To help you decide, please review some of the feedback we have received from our earlier participants

Training Methodology

  • What do you provide during the training?
    Course Material, Tools CDs (if relevant), Mock Exams, Participation Certificate
  • How will the training be conducted?
    All our training courses are a blend of theory and practical sessions combined with experiential learning to ensure concepts are understood using relevant real life examples with hands-on approach for practical exposure.
  • How many hours of theory and how many hours of practical?
    We devote equal time to both - however, this depends on the topic coverage for each course
  • Do you conduct online training?
    We will be introducing online training shortly
  • Why should I choose you over others?
    IntelleSecure places high emphasis on knowledge transfer. The objective is to understand all concepts from an industry perspective than merely focus on certification. Our customers have benefitted the peer level interaction and information sharing experienced in our training sessions. This certainly gives us an edge over others

Certifications / Certifying Bodies

  • CISSP is from (ISC)²
  • ABCP / CBCP / MBCP is from DRII
  • CEH / CHFI / ECSA / LPT is from EC-Council
  • GPEN / GIAC / GCFA / GSEC is from SANS

For more details, please refer our Training Synopsis

Certifying Examination

  • What is the exam fee?
  • What is the type of exam?
  • What is the exam duration?
  • Who conducts the exam and where is it conducted?
  • How often is the exam conducted?
  • How many questions are there and what is the passing score?
  • What is meant by scaled score?
  • Who certifies and what is the validity?
  • How long does it take to get the exam results?
  • What is the experience criterion?
  • How do I register for the exam?
  • When should I register for the exam?
  • How should I make the payment and to whom?
  • Can I pay the exam fee later?

For more details, please refer our Training Synopsis


  • What is CBK?
    The CISSP examination is based on what (ISC)² terms the Common Body of Knowledge (or CBK). According to (ISC)², "the CISSP CBK is a taxonomy - a collection of topics relevant to information security professionals around the world. The CISSP CBK establishes a common framework of information security terms and principles that allow information security professionals worldwide to discuss, debate and resolve matters pertaining to the profession with a common understanding."
  • What is CIA Triad?
    The CISSP CBK is fundamentally based on the CIA triad, the core information security and assurance tenets: confidentiality, integrity and availability, and attempts to balance the three across ten domains.
  • What is GIAC?
    The Global Information Assurance Certification (GIAC) is from SANS Institute to validate the skills of IT security professionals. GIAC's purpose is to provide assurance that a certified individual has practical security awareness, knowledge and skills in key areas of computer security, network security and software security.
  • What is ISO?
    ISO stands for International Organization for Standardization. ISO standards are globally accepted specification for management systems worldwide. Examples are ISO 27001 for ISMS, ISO 20000 for ITSM, ISO 9000 for Quality, ISO 31000 for Risk Management and so on.
  • What is meant by framework?
    A set of best practices which can adopted by any organization. Examples are ITIL and COBIT
  • Which certification should I plan for?
    Please refer our Career Guide
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