Market Trend
The demand for information security assessment services will increase as organizations prefer to outsource the task of day-to-day IT security management and focus more on core business objectives.

Mobile & Telecom
With increasing adoption and integration of applications with mobile devices such as cellular phones, web phones and wireless devices, the requirement for secure operating environment is bound to increase.

Banking & Financial Services
Data security is of utmost importance for banks and other financial institutions to prevent fraud and misuse of data besides ensuring secure online services and reducing downtime for customers.

With companies transacting across the globe using software applications like ERP and CRM, it is of utmost importance to reassure customers of the security of their data in the hands of the solution provider.

ITES & BPO Companies
It is now mandatory for the ITES & BPO segment to adopt clear information security policy and guidelines to comply with the data protection act which ensures privacy and confidentiality of data.

Government organizations need to be more secure now that are networked to accept payments online for various utility services and cannot afford to be compromised in any manner.

Huge amount of money is spent by defense organizations worldwide to automate defense systems. Invariably, these are all connected to various computer networks, which require foolproof security protocols.

Research & Utility
Satellites handle communications, weather forecast, GIS and will soon manage utility services such as electricity distribution, oil & gas, water supply and traffic monitoring controlled through computer networks.

International standards like SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) clearly emphasize the need for securing critical infrastructure.

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